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What makes a good yarn bowl?

Yarn bowl has been my biggest hit for several years.Over the time, I have gathered some tips from making yarn bowls and also some very valuable feedback from my customers. So, here are some key points of what makes a good yarn bowl.


First of all, make sure the yarn bowl has a decent weight according to the size of the piece. It doesn't have to be super duper heavy, but the piece should be heavy enough to stay in place while you work with the yarn.


It is a common scene to pick a yarn bowl that is size appropriate for your project. The bowl should be big enough to hold the yarn ball and also has room for it to spin and roll inside.

Pay more attention to the size of the base. A teeny-tiny based yarn bowl = consistently tip over, as it won't stand a heavy ball of yarn rolling around. 


The height of the yarn bowl should be at least 3/4 height of the yarn ball. If too shallow, you will find your yarn ball still flying out of the bowl occasionally. A curved in shape will also help to solve this problem. 


This is difficult to tell when shopping online. However the smoothness of a yarn bowl is extremely important, especially the slot (where the yarn feed through) of the yarn bowl. Because even the smallest rough edge will catch and fray the yarn. When making my yarn bowls, at the bone dry stage I use 2 grades of sandpaper to round and smooth the edge. This makes sure the cut out slot will be coated evenly with glaze and any fine yarn will pull through silky smoothly.


Once the weight, size, height and smoothness meet the basic standard. It is down to the design. This can be personal preference on colors and shapes, however I have some key features that I personally prefer.

First, a open slot that allows the yarn to slip through is important. That way the project can be taken out of the bowl at any time without a problem. The bowl can be used for more than one project at a time. 

Having additional holes and cut outs. Besides decorative purpose, these cut outs can be used to place your needles in place. 


Last but not the least, the craftsmanship. Buying a handmade yarn bowl is not only a purchase on a handy tool, but a investment on a piece collect-able handmade art project. You will want the piece has a nice even balance, meaning the wall of the bowl should be even in thickness, Graceful in shape and the glaze has a nice shine.

Overall, there are a lot of different options available on the marketplace. Good luck on finding your perfect one. :-)








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