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Lace Fruit Bowl

Traditionally handcrafted from stoneware clay, combined with modern technique. The Lace fruit bowl collection is the heart and soul of Ning's Wonder World. Long before I began offering varieties of handmade pottery, The lace fruit bowl was always my go to project. I spent a major period of my pottery life to perfect the process and bring it to the next level. Each piece is designed and crafted by me personally and packaged by Ning's family team. The Lace fruit bowl is how Ning's Wonder world started, and will always be the pillar of my brand. I have sent thousands of pieces of my exquisite handcrafted lace bowl all over the world, and it is my pleasure to be able to offer the finest handcraft pottery to your home. I hope that you treasure and enjoy using my lace fruit bowl as much as I love making it.



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